We recently sat down with Emily Cupples of City Leadership/Teach 901 to talk Memphis, education, and of course, a little Memphis food. Agape North is grateful to partner with City Leadership on some of their apparel throughout the year to give back to various Memphis schools.

Enjoy Emily’s story below!

What is City Leadership and how does Teach 901 fit into the brand?

City Leadership is a non-profit consulting agency in Memphis, TN. John Carroll founded the organization in 2010 with the mission of maximizing non-profit leadership in the city of Memphis. Through City Leadership’s work, we found there were several nuances surrounding relocation to the city of Memphis and that was preventing highly specialized individuals and professionals from relocating back or to Memphis. In 2012, City Leadership rolled out Choose901 as a campaign to highlight the amazing and awesome pieces of Memphis, thus aiding in talent recruitment and leadership maximization. Teachers are the largest workforce in Memphis and the most sought after professionals in America. Having such a massive impact, teachers deserved their own campaign alongside Choose901 and so was born Teach901.

How did you decide to devote your life’s work to education equality/recruiting?

I was raised in a low income family and attended failing schools. Through factors outside of my control – race and demographics- I was allowed to attend a private school and receive a higher quality education for a time period. With high tuition rates, only people within a specific class and income bracket could attend, however, I was granted admission. I attended the school for all of my lower elementary and middle school years, building a strong foundation and an array of deductive reasoning skills. For high school and junior high school, I attended a failing school and the difference was insurmountable. The achievement gap was a wide canyon between my peers and myself, and this achievement gap has manifested into an opportunity gap, self perpetuating the cycle of poverty. I could not control that I was awarded a stronger/better education, and neither can our students today. Every student deserves to build a strong foundation and array of deductive reasoning skills regardless of race, demographic, or income class. Education brought me out of poverty, and I owe it to education and its students to ensure any that want it have the same opportunity

How does City Leadership and Teach 901 define success?

Success looks different for everyone and every organization. There is the 30,000 feet up definition of success and the micro definition. One could say success is going through every possible action utilizing all resources available with no necessary defined end point. We use that definition is some cases and in other specific ways. A specific way could be to say we need X number of website visitors. Regardless if you tried all courses of actions and utilized all available resources, if you didn’t hit X number that’s not a success and vice versa.

Describe a recent Teach 901 success story.

Teach901 set out to recruit and connect 100 teacher hires with schools in Memphis for the 2016/17 school year. Prior to the first day of school, Teach901 had connected 181 hired teachers in Memphis charter schools and Shelby County Public Schools.

Why did City Leadership/Teach 901 decide to link up with Agape North?

Schooling is a difficult process for parents, students, administrators, teachers and the overall education community. From curriculum design, to homework assignments, bus routes, lunch plans, and school culture, I’m not sure how parents and teachers do it. With all the moving pieces that have to consistently fit together, it’s a miracle school begins and ends every day. Agape North is taking away one of those obstacles for parents and schools by alleviating the concern of uniforms and clothes. Teach901 recognizes the value and magnitude this can have for a child, and wanted to partner to extend Agape North’s impact.

What did you take away from the City Leadership/Agape North Giving Day at Memphis Delta Prep Elementary?

The City Leadership/Agape North Giving Day was extremely eye opening for me in a lot of ways. Whereas we adults get frazzled and stressed about the idea of schooling, students are genuinely excited about the process. Hundreds of students arrived at MDP with so much eagerness to learn and sharpen pencils, I bet you could bottle it up and sell it if possible. If we can match resources with students’ eagerness, I can’t imagine where schooling would go.

According to Emily Cupples, what’s the most underrated restaurant in Memphis?

My kitchen. HA kidding a little bit, but not really. I subscribe to a CSA from a local farm in Memphis, and combine those groceries with staples from any of Memphis’ several farmers’ markets and I get a product that is pretty hard to beat. If I were to pick a restaurant, I would have to pick Maciel’s in Downtown Memphis. It’s a local authentic taco shop.

Follow the work of City Leadership and Teach 901 – @choose901 and @teach901.