The partnership between Grace Evangelical Church and Agape North initially began through the Grace Evan youth group using the Agape North t-shirt design and creation expertise and services. During a Grace Evan staff meeting the youth group leadership shared the Agape North community give-back concept in which a percentage of purchased shirts lead to the creation of separate shirts to be donated to a community partner school. Grace Evan was partnered with the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) school, specifically KIPP Memphis Preparatory Elementary (KMPE).

Immediately after the staff meeting the Grace Athletics team met with our youth program leadership to learn more. Within weeks Grace Athletics met with KIPP KMPE to learn how we could offer our services – reaching an unchurched world through maturing believers through athletics and sharing of the Gospel. The KIPP KMPE and Grace Athletics relationship was born. Principal Sarah Jensen, an enthusiastic and visionary leader, saw the potential to offer to her 1stand 2nd graders. Similar to Agape North, Grace Athletics provides scholarship give-back opportunities to serve our greater community. A KIPP flag team was formed and joined the Crosscheck football league. Furthermore, a 1st and 2ndgrade set of teams were formed and joined our Crosscheck basketball league. Additionally, through our initial KMPE contacts Grace Athletics has branched out to a second KIPP school, Memphis Academy Elementary, to form two 3rdgrade flag football teams and a 4th grade basketball team within our Crosscheck leagues.

Our goal is to continue our relationship with KIPP and follow their vision; each year the school adds another grade to their school we form teams in our leagues to maintain our relationship with the players and families – former and new.

Agape North has the right mind-set; to make a difference requires giving of self, and giving back. Grace Evan and Grace Athletics agree. Our relationships with schools such as KIPP provide opportunities to foster a cross-cultural, demographically mixed, and Christian environment to our youth.

Scott Elliott / Athletic Director, Grace Evangelical Church