Hey! This is Josh the Creative Director taking over the blog for a bit to tell you about something awesome! Since joining the team in February, I've been thinking of a way to expand Agape's usual private line into something even more fun, creative, and city wide.

I think we do an amazing job of working with schools, churches and local companies to make a difference in the Memphis education scene. With Agape North, you could order a custom shirt online or even come in to our headquarters and buy a piece from our private line. 

Coming on as an artist, I saw immediate potential with our private line as a creative outlet for myself and as an opportunity for Agape North to reach more of Memphis. So I'm stoked to announce a new Agape brainchild; The Tier One Collection

Every few months, Agape North will release a brand new, small-batch, Memphis themed T-shirt that will only be sold in select local shops. For every shirt purchased, Agape North will donate a school uniform shirt to an underserved school here in Memphis. So not only will you get a high quality ( Ya'll. Comfort Colors. For Real. ) and unique T-shirt to rep this awesome city, you'll also be helping kids get a better education experience. That's what I call a win win! 

We're kicking off The Tier One Collection at the Rev in East Memphis Thursday, March 9. If you haven't been to the Rev yet, it's awesome! Grab some freshly brewed tea, browse their inspiring storefront and chat with the Rev girls about international missions and how you can be a part of the revolution!

So if you've got some free time and want an awesome T-Shirt and great company, visit the Rev to pick up the first shirt of The Tier One Collection. Only 24 shirts have been printed and when they're gone, they're gone. So book it to the Rev before they're sold out and you can make a difference in Memphis today.