One of the most impactful aspects of our jobs at Agape North is that we get to walk the hallways of dozens of schools each year. Each visit is exciting for us as we get to meet teachers, administrators, and most importantly, their students. “What amazes me the most during these visits,” shares Joe Williams, Founder and CEO of Agape North, “is that the most requested thing from the little students is a hug. That request fuels us day in and day out.”

We are so thankful to the small businesses, faith-based organizations, and schools that choose to buy their custom clothing from us. Because of you, we see our goal of reaching 100,000 donated school uniforms in the near future as a reality. However, the need is so great for hundreds of thousands of economically challenged families and their school-aged kids that we need to press on.

We acknowledge as we walk the hallways gathering up heart-warming hugs, that we must use our school visits to figure out how we can accelerate Agape North’s ability, with our customers, to help students across the country succeed. Our research recently came across another effort to help students, and this one involves laundry soap and clean shirts, somewhat of a blending of our mission and the mission of Whirpool®.

Did you ever think about donating a washer and dryer to a school as a way of improving the student attendance rates and therefore increasing their chance at success? We did not either, but Whirlpool® is finding out that the answer to this question is YES! Take a moment to visit and see what the impact of installing a washer and dryer in a school can do. Whirlpool® is discovering attendance rates are increasing along with participation in the classroom. This is amazing stuff. 

We read a lot about children doing better in school with healthy meals, adequate school supplies, and some nice clothes, but increasing attendance and student classroom participation by having clean clothes? Most of us assume it is a given that kids are going to school in proper clean clothes.  At Agape North we know that is not the case. Agape North was founded to create a sustainable way for businesses and other organizations to purchase custom apparel from us and in turn give back to schools in their community (or internationally) in the form of school uniforms. We see that a new uniform brightens a student’s day and helps them improve in school. 

By keeping clothes (including school uniforms) clean Whirlpool® has discovered that their products can improve attendance and classroom participation even further. We applaud their efforts and encourage the administrators, teachers, and our customers to take a moment and watch this three minute video:

It may change your school for the better. We know from Whirlpool’s efforts that this works, but they are only going to be able to reach 30 schools in the second year of their pilot program.  At Agape North, we know of dozens of schools that could use these appliances

The next time you upgrade your washer and dryer at home, please consider finding a school in need and working with a plumber to install them. You will impact the lives for hundreds of students, and just think, it took just a little laundry soap.