Each May Agape North has a Summer Party celebrating the community that is formed through the work we do in education. A mix of educators, students, and the businesses and non-profits that work with us to give back come out to our office space to mingle, eat, and play a few summer outdoor games. We have t-shirts for sale, food trucks, parking lot games, and live music, all in effort to simply connect and celebrate with one another. This year we wanted to partner with one of the schools we give back to in order to have local high schoolers submit shirt design inspiration for the items we sell at the party. We ran a contest between three local Memphis high schools and the winner was Maya Clark, a current student at Collegiate School of Memphis. Maya's inspirational drawing was taken to create the guitar shirt you see below, which we sold at the party. Take a moment to learn a little more about Maya and Collegiate School of Memphis!


How did you first become interested in art?  What types of art do you enjoy engaging in?

I have been interested in art since I was a little kid. I drew pictures for fun, and I participated in craft events at Michaels. However, it was not until recently that I have been able to take an art class. I still enjoy drawing, but I also enjoy painting and doing crafts.

How is Collegiate School of Memphis helping you prepare for college?  What colleges are you interested in attending and why?

The Collegiate School of Memphis is fulfilling its mission to prepare me for college. My teachers have taught me to value hard work, and they truly care about their students. The core values taught at Collegiate are applicable in both college and adulthood. Most importantly, Collegiate focuses on encouraging their students to grow in their Christian faith. Currently, I want to attend colleges in Memphis because I have grown up in Memphis. I want to attend Christian Brothers University or the University of Memphis. I like CBU's strong values and small campus, and I like the quality education that U of M has to offer at a great value.

What gave you the idea to do a guitar design for a Memphis-themed shirt?

I did a guitar design for the t-shirt because Memphis is known for being the birthplace of rock n' roll. A lot of blues musicians have come from Memphis. To me, a guitar is a symbol for Memphis and all of the music it has to offer. 

What are some of your favorite things about Memphis?

I love going to the zoo. I think Memphis has some interesting attractions, including Bass Pro, Graceland, and the Civil Rights Museum. Many celebrities, including Justin Timberlake, are from Memphis. Skillet, one of my favorite bands, was formed here, and Dan Schneider, the creator of popular Nickelodeon shows grew up here. Memphis has many restaurants and bakeries, and it also has many businesses that are headquartered here including FedEx, ServiceMaster, AutoZone, and Lenny's. St. Jude and Le Bonheur are transforming people's lives. These are just some of the things that Memphis has to offer. Memphis often gets a bad wrap, so it is great to focus on positive aspects of the city.

Do you plan to make art a part of your career or hobbies after high school?  If so, how?

I hope to incorporate art into my career, but I will make sure it remains one of my hobbies if I am not able to make it a part of my career. I hope I get a job that requires creativity, whether it is developing an app or designing a product. I really love technology, so I hope to combine art with computer science. Graphic design, animation, and industrial design all sound interesting. I have multiple interests, so I hope to write books, as well.