Agape north - texas

How Can You Help?

Help us get connected! Do you know someone in Texas who might be interested in learning more about what we do? Send their contact information to our Texas Account Manager, Anna, at or 972-535-2140 and she will reach out to them.


Who is Agape North?

Designed for you. Created for others. 

Agape North is a custom clothing company with a giving model built in. “Many of our clients want to give back and partner with our community, but they just don’t know how,” states Williams. “Agape North makes it easy for them to give and make an impact. We invite them to be a part of the giving process, meet the students, and plug in to the community.” Involving our clients in the giving process has proven key and in some cases has led to deeper partnerships between our clients and the schools they support through Agape North. To date, thanks to our partners, we have donated nearly 110,000+ school shirts.

As we continue to grow as a company, we are excited to announce that we have opened a Texas office, located in Dallas. We are looking forward to the new opportunities and hope this addition will only help us to increase our impact.

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